Can I purchase an office space in the building?

Central Park Towers is a single-owned building with commercial spaces – office and retail units available to rent / lease only.

What type of office spaces / minimum size are available?

Shell and Core, CAT A Fitted and Fully fitted & furnished offices are available to lease with minimum office sizes in Central Park Towers ranging from 1000 Sqft onwards.

Do you have serviced offices to rent?

There are no serviced offices at Central Park Towers.

Can I lease space with a mainland DED license or a license from other freezones?

Unfortunately, No. A DIFC approved license is required to operate within Central Park Towers.

Can I sign a Lease with DIFC License application?

You can sign a Lease Offer and confirm unit reservation after which you need to enter into a Lease Agreement and upon receipt of an ‘DIFC license approval’.

Is my unit reservation confirmed upon signing a Lease Offer?

Unit reservation is confirmed upon signing of Lease Offer subject to receipt of duly cleared funds towards security deposit payable to the Landlord via a cheque or direct bank transfer.

What does rent free period means?

A rent free period is period of time during your lease where you don’t have to pay any base unit rent at all. Rent free period kicks in at the start of the lease and does not affect the base headline rent.

Do you provide any fit out period?

Fit-out period is the same as the rent free period.

What is a service charge? What does this include?

Service charges is payable by the Tenant to the landlord for the services the landlord is obliged to provide under the terms of the lease. They will be a variable amount from year to year depending on the costs incurred. Service Charges can include: Security and front-desk Services, Maintenance and repairs to shared areas, such as common stairwells and corridors, elevators, community charges and other charges to cover the fees with running the property operations.

Do I have to pay service charges during the rent free period?

Service charges is applicable from the first date of the Lease Commencement Date and is payable during the rent free period.

Do I have to pay any dues upon lease commencement? When is my first rental instalment due?

Your first rental instalment is due in advance on or prior to Lease Commencement Date and is offset from your future payment. In addition, service charges applicable for the grace period is due at the start of lease. Remaining instalment are due as per the dates mentioned in the payments section of your lease agreement.

What is my payment plan during the lease?

Payment towards a lease can be made in 4 instalments due as per the dates in the Lease Agreement.

What are the modes of payment? Is a tenant supposed to give any post dated cheques?

All payments are in made in favour of the Landlord. We do not accept cash transactions. Post dated cheques have to be handed over on or prior to signing of lease for Rent Year 1. Tenant can opt to pay remaining instalments via the below payment modes: • Company cheques • Personal cheque of authorised signatory (indemnity letter applies) • Direct bank transfer

My company is not yet opened. How can I book unit and make payments?

We accept payments via manager’s cheque, direct bank transfers and personal cheque (indemnity letter applies).

Is VAT applicable on any of the payments?

All payment is subject to 5% VAT excluding security deposit.

Is my security deposit refunded if the intent to sign a lease changes?

If a lease offer is signed on basis of a DIFC License application and should the application be rejected by DIFC, subject to receipt of proof of such rejection the security deposit amount paid towards a unit reservation is duly refunded to the tenant in full. However, should the tenant decide to not proceed with the lease after signing of a Lease Offer for reasons otherwise the deposit is forfeited.

What documentation is required to sign the Lease?

New lease process at Central Park Towers is simplified with clear documentation requirements. To know the details for Commercial New Lease, view Click here and for Retail New Lease, click Click Here

Is e-signature accepted in DIFC?

Yes. Tenant’s authorised signatory can sign the Lease via Docusign.

When do I get handover of my premises?

Provided that required documentation is completed and Lease Agreement is signed by both Parties, our Team will schedule a Move-In Handover Meeting to complete Move-In formalities on the Lease Commencement Date subject to receipt of initial dues and payments.

When is my lease registered at DIFC?

Lease registration at DIFC is done by the Landlord on tenant’s behalf on lease commencement and after completion of handover formalities. Fee towards lease registration is payable by the Tenant at no additional mark-up fee from the Landlord. Lease registration approval takes approx. 1 working day after which DIFC issues a Lease Certificate.

Can I start fit out works in the premises upon receipt of handover of my premises / start of lease date?

Before starting any fit out works, the appointed contractor shall coordinate with the building fitout delivery team who will guide on the full fit-out process including approvals.

What is fit out deposit?

A fit out deposit is a holding cheque paid by the appointed fit out contractor of the tenant at the start of fit out process and is duly returned back upon completion of fit out works subject to approval of fit out works from the governing authorities.

What is fit-out coordination fee?

A fit out co-ordination fee is one-time fee charged to the tenant and is usually a cost associated with services provided during the fit out such as review of the drawings, NOC from Landlord, inspections at various stages of fit out including final inspections.

How about my utility and network connections to the premises?

These services are provided directly to the tenant by the service providers. There is no additional fee charged by the Landlord.

What if I want additional car park spaces?

Tenants can avail additional car park spaces at minimal cost within the building. Kindly contact our Management Office for more details.

Can I share my premises?

Sharing of premises is permitted to companies with same company. Write to your Property Manager at our Office for more details.

Can I defer my due payments?

Write to our Management Office for more details

I want to rent additional office or consider a relocation within the building. What should I do?

Kindly contact our Leasing Team at the Office located within Central Park Towers and we shall assist you in finding suitable options. For all other post-handover questions, please refer to Tenant Handbook and contact our Property Management Office.