Date: 16 th and 23 rd June 2022
Timings: 01.00PM – 2.30PM
Location: Lounge Area, P2 Level, Office Towers

16th June
The perfect ergonomic desk set up
to prevent injuries and back pain

Kelly Robinson, Physiotherapist

23rd June
What is my pain telling me?
The impact of our lifestyle on pain and injury

Lucy Woodham, Physiotherapist

Central Park Towers, DIFC collaborates with Anatomy Rehab to conduct expert-guided sessions focused on lifestyle-driven injuries and pain. From perfect ergonomic desk set- up to recovery exercised and benefits of physio, get to know it all. We invite you to attend these essential sessions that aim to add more value to your fitness regimen.

First 10 participants to register win a gift voucher worth AED 250.

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