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All Female Art Exhibition Comes to Life at Central Park Towers

01 March 2019

Dr. Rafia Ghubash opens exhibition showcasing 80 female artists

Coinciding with Art Month and International Women’s Day, an exceptional art exhibition simply titled “Women in Art” is being hosted by Central Park Towers in DIFC. The exhibition showcasing 80 well-known and undiscovered artists living in the UAE representing 32 nationalities held its opening reception Sunday evening attended by a star studded line up of art lovers alongside local art enthusiasts.

Opened by Dr. Rafia Ghubash, founder of the Dubai Women’s Museum with HH Sheikha Sanaa’ Bint Hashr Al Maktoum, Khalil Abdul Wahid Director of Fine Arts for Dubai Culture, Dr Najat Makki, member of Dubai Cultural Council and Mr. Abdul Qader Al Rais, multi-award winning Emirati artist all on hand, the exhibition’s opening night saw more than 300 attendees flock through its doors.

The exhibition aims to shine a bright light on the female contribution to the country’s art scene and originally hoped to showcase 20 to 30 artists with 2 pieces. However, having received more than 400 entries from 190 artists in response to a call for entries circulated both on social media and online, organizers of the exhibition opted to decrease the number of pieces per artist thereby allowing more women the opportunity to participate bringing the total to 80 artists in an all-female exhibition.

Dr. Rafia Ghubash, one of the most influential women in the UAE’s art scene and founder of the Dubai Women’s Museum, said “Culture and arts are the wings of communication between different cultures, ages, and peoples allowing us to share our experiences when facing global challenges. The UAE is grateful to everyone who contributes to spreading this message. We have succeeded because of these contributions to become the capital of culture and arts, where Literature & Arts festivals abound alongside exhibitions in galleries that are decorated with the language of art. Today we welcome 32 nationalities with 80 pieces of varying ages all speaking the language of art uplifting society’s efforts to support the advancement of women as we celebrate International Women’s day, recalling the hard work, sincerity and dedication of previous generations to create this remarkable space for all of women today. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to our mothers and grandmothers who without their efforts we would not be where we are today. The flight of artistic endeavor here continues to be propelled by the amazing efforts in our country. I am honoured to be part of this effort and to open this exhibition.”

Susan Mikloska, Marketing Director at Central Park Towers said “We are delighted at the overwhelming response from talented women artists in the UAE. The huge response we received was amazing and it’s an honour to be able to provide so many women artists the opportunity to share their talents with visitors to Central Park Towers. A woman-only art exhibition is an opportunity to celebrate International Women’s Day as well as the significant contributions women are making to the local art community.”

The pieces represent a variety of mediums and nationalities, and an overwhelming sense of pride, support and accomplishment could be felt and seen amongst the women showcasing. A piece by Rahaf Saeed Alghamdi titled Morning in Amsterdam tells the tale of a young girl enthralled by the impressionists while another by Eman Khokhar entitled Trapped Soul tells the story of female strength & survival. All pieces on display are quite stunning in the stories that they tell with glimpses into the visions these women – young and not so young – have and share with the art community here. Other pieces worth noting are Life by Valiaa Abou Alfadel, Walking on Eggshels by Jolly Isaac, Street Ballet by Perry Al Ashmawi and a stunning landscape inspired by imagination by Jawaher Ahmed Alharthy.
The Women in Art exhibition is open from March 3rd and will run until April 12th and is located in The Cube at Central Park Towers, DIFC. The exhibition was supported by Gallery Arabesque and its Managing Director Bassem Zbeeb.